Mamboland Deep Dive

Time To Go Deep 🐳

A New Challenge Awaits

The Mamboland Deep Dive returns with a completely new program focused on the most fundamental dance of all – Afro Cuban. Before there was Mambo, before there was Salsa, there was Cuba, and there was Africa.

March 31 – April 2

10 am – 2 pm each day

Over the course of 3 days you will be immersed in the knowledge and the techniques of traditional and contemporary Afro Cuban movement. This will elevate your dancing to movement with intention and you will learn why and exactly how dancers like Tania and Antonio move the way they do.

  • Discover the history and the mechanisms that emerged from the dance
  • Learn how to control and connect every part of your body.
  • Become more fluid in your dancing where everything just flows.
  • Train to live music the music and practice
  • Gain mastery in all Afro Cuban techniques from son to isolation.


Full Program + Lunch

Note: There are only 50 spots reserved exclusively for Mamboland Milano 2020 Full Pass holders. They will be made available following the purchase of the Full Pass.


deep dive

  • Sekou McMiller
  • Teresa Castaneda
  • Antonio Berardi
  • Jasmina Berardi
  • Gigi Bianco
  • Tania Cannarsa